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US Market Driven Economy Hits Tree – UPDATE

September 27, 2008

OK, there are lessons in history, has anyone bothered to notice that Americans have played this scene before?.  ..

List of stock market crashes

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  1. proudprogressive permalink
    September 28, 2008 1:10 pm

    Fanfuckingtastic post BK ! The title alone made me laugh – but reading on i learned so much , so thank you for that. Damn the bail out really truly is worst possible solution. Its a raid , its robbery, I want punative damages filed..i know dream on ..

    If they do this, it is the dot on the i and the cross of the T – irreparable damage is done and we can never call ourselves a democracy again – nope Oligarchical fascist Corptocracies of America would be a more apt name for what we have here.

    To spin on the old dishsoap commercial – ” Its fascism Madge , you’re soaking it” !!!

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