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Terrible Anniversary Exploited

September 10, 2008

Seven years on, three big 9/11 lies

Article in Asia Times:  HONG KONG – Dear, sweet Laura Bush told the biggest, baldest lie at last week’s Republican National Convention. “Let’s not forget,” the first lady said, “President [George W] Bush has kept the American people safe.”

Mrs Bush, your husband and his administration did not keep the American people safe. On September 11, 2001, nearly 3,000 people died, and more than 6,000 were injured as al-Qaeda hijackers crashed commercial aircraft into the World Trade Center in New York and the Pentagon outside Washington. The Bush people act as if someone else was in charge when it happened.

It’s the greatest political mystery of the 21st century, perhaps in American history: how have the Republicans avoided responsibility for 9/11? How can they keep claiming the deadliest attacks on the American mainland as a badge of honor, rather than a stain on their record?

Mrs Bush’s whopper is one of three big lies that the Republicans keep telling on national security related to 9/11. The assault on the truth has gone on for seven years, and last week’s convention video of the disaster suggests it will continue. Meanwhile, Democrats remain afraid to say the Bush administration has no clothes on when it comes to national security lest they be accused of politicizing 9/11, while Republicans keep flaunting the tragedy for partisan gain.

The Bush administration’s steadfast refusal to take any responsibility for the attacks is absolutely mind-blowing. No appointee was fired for the most glaring national security cock-up since Pearl Harbor, if not the British torching of the White House in 1814. Then-national security advisor Condoleezza Rice contends no one anticipated terrorists using airplanes to hit skyscrapers, even though the Federal Bureau of Investigation analyzed the possibility in 1991. For her incompetence and lack of candor, she was promoted to secretary of state.  [more]

The phenomenon of 9/11 will be the controversy for the ages … new political religions have emerged.  Depending on where you sit in the bleachers of this event, the event itself is a religious experience.  Legends, mystical and mythical, have exploded across the planet. The stuff of cults or religions, 9/11 is a sad ‘man-made’ tragedy that has changed the world.  The most despicable result, is global political exploitation of this event.  Even today, America will revive the echo of this event to influence the presidential election.  “A noun, a verb and 9/11”.

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