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What The Hell Was Cheney Really Up To?

September 7, 2008

Kommersant: Cheney’s trip to Baku “failed”

Vice President of the USA Dick Cheney completed his trip to the South Caucasus targeted at strengthening Washington’s positions in the struggle for Caspian energy resources. Kommersant Daily qualifies the outcome of Baku talks as “failure.” The daily accounts that President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev did not offer to the US guest a warm reception, hinting that Baku was not intending to support the idea of retracting energy carriers’ flows to bypass Russia.

The daily details: “Dick Cheney’s visit to Azerbaijan proved utterly unsuccessful for Washington. The high-ranking guest, who was visiting Baku for the first time, was not met by either President Ilham Aliyev or even Prime Minister Artur Rasizade. Instead, the Vice President was welcomed by First Deputy Prime Minister Yagub Eyyubov and Foreign Minister Elmar Mamedyarov. What about Ilham Aliyev, he was not in a hurry to receive Mr. Cheney. So the latter first headed to a meeting with President of BP Azerbaijan Company and top management of Chevron’s Azerbaijan subsidiary, proceeding then to the US embassy to Baku to converse with Ambassador Ann E. Derse. To the Azerbaijan President’s residence Dick Cheney made it toward evening.” As sources in the President’s administration commented to Kommersant, the talks were rather difficult, although Dick Cheney and Ilham Aliyev have had confidential relations from the times when Mr. Cheney used to be employed by Halliburton and Mr. Aliyev as Vice President of the state-run oil company SOCAR. The sides conferred on the war in Georgia and prospects of Nabucco gas pipeline construction.

According to Kommersant’s information, “Dick Cheney informed Ilham Aliyev that the USA were going to firmly support their allies in the region and intended to further extend the trans-Caspian gas pipeline circumventing Russia. Ilham Aliyev, however, hinted that, despite his high esteem of relations with Washington, he was not going to quarrel with Moscow. It essentially meant that, in the current situation, Baku decided to wait and see rather than accelerate realizaiton of Nabucco.” Kommersant sources in President’s administration accounted that Dick Cheney was highly irritated with the talks’ outcome — he even refused to attend a ceremonial supper given in his honor.

Kommersant cites sources in the State Chancellery of Georgia who said that closed negotiations between Mikhail Saakashvili and Dick Cheney in Tbilisi also had not gone smoothly. The sides mainly discussed security of existing pipelines laid through the Georgian territory round Russia, and the Nabucco pipeline project. Dick Cheney made it clear that the USA were ready to maintain security of these pipelines, however, by merely political means, so Georgia would not receive US military aid at the moment.

Cheney rips into ‘brutal’ Russians

CERNOBBIO, Italy: US Vice-President Dick Cheney has cast Moscow as a brutal regime that aims to recapture its Soviet-era dominance, as Russia threatened to increase its assistance to Iran’s nuclear program.

In the US administration’s most hawkish remarks since Russia’s five-day war with Georgia last month, Mr Cheney, speaking in Italy, reminded the West of its “responsibilities” and criticised Russia for its “chain of aggressive moves”.

Hours earlier, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev had told a meeting of officials at the Kremlin that Moscow was a “force to be reckoned with”.

Mr Medvedev accused the US of rearming Georgia under the guise of humanitarian aid, after the arrival of a US navy flagship at a Georgian port close to where Russian troops are patrolling.

“I wonder how they would like it if we sent humanitarian assistance using our navy to countries of the Caribbean that have suffered from the recent hurricanes,” Mr Medvedev said.

Cheney Fails to Garner Azeri Support on Nabucco Pipeline

08 September 2008: U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney has failed to win Azerbaijan’s support for the construction of a new gas pipeline from the Caspian that would bypass Russia.

Azeri President Ilham Aliyev indicated to Cheney during talks in Baku on Wednesday that he did not want to anger Russia in the wake of its invasion of neighboring Georgia, Kommersant reported, citing an official in Aliyev’s administration. Cheney was so disappointed that he did not attend an official dinner in his honor, the report said.

Azerbaijan has also increased flows of oil through a pipeline to the Black Sea port of Novorossiisk, the newspaper reported, citing a Russian energy official.

Azerbaijan is the starting point for the flow of Caspian oil and gas westward to Europe, bypassing Russia. The planned Nabucco pipeline, backed by the European Union, will bring gas from the Caspian region via Turkey to Austria and Western Europe by 2013.

So much for the lame duck US attack dog, perhaps Sarah Barracuda will be more convincing.  Russia sees an immasculated bully trying ONE MORE TIME to assert its “scary tactics”.  Putin and his orchestra march to their own beat, anyway.  Cheney must embrace his new role as a has been bully.  There is a new scary thing in town, and its wearing lipstick … Whether Republicans or Democrats win in a few months, Sarah Palin, the lipstick toting attack dog, doesn’t have to snear to get the attention of Russia, we should keep her as a secret weapon.  Think of the soldiers lives we could save by just sending her over there to negotiate America’s interests … or, at least, Alaska’s interests.

The parties in power run from Washington in the US and Ukraine

Traditionally, the Bush White House has dispatched Cheney to dangerous parts of the world to stiffen the spines of nervous US allies with his tough talk and John Wayne countenance. But if not even the Republicans want to be associated too closely with the Bush administration these days, it’s hardly surprising that many US allies are reconsidering their own options.

How the West is losing the energy cold war

Boy, we have really done a great job over there!  The last eight years of this administration has created a fragile bubble constructed of lies and coercion.  How the new world unfolds will depend on the character of the next administration!

  1. ravenscawl permalink
    September 7, 2008 11:13 pm

    I refer to him as the Tin-Man, no heart and in need of constant oiling. Pray for rain!! Before him and The Scarecrow in office cause anymore trouble.


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