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What Is Condeleeza Rice REALLY Doing Over There?

September 7, 2008

Rice Visits Morocco to End Africa Tour

Rice arrived in staunch US ally Morocco late on Saturday after visiting Algeria and Tunisia and holding a historic meeting with Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi in Tripoli.

Rice’s visit is her first as secretary of state to this region of increasing strategic importance in terms of oil resources, emigration and terrorism.

Rice on final leg of Maghreb tour

“All international and regional issues will be discussed,” a Moroccan government official said.

The US so-called “war on terror” is likely to be on the agenda, as are the issues of the conflict in Western Sahara and the Arab Maghreb Union, a pan-Arab trade agreement that has struggled for years to get off the ground due to regional rivalries.

Earlier on Saturday Rice met Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, the Tunisian president, in Tunis and later in the day met Abedelaziz Bouteflika, Algeria’s president, in Algiers.

It is curious that Cheney went to Eastern Europe and Rice went to North Africa.  Why does this smell of racism?  These are Republicans, after all. Rice has been tasked to make the last ditch effort to sell the AFRICOM concept to hard line skeptics. To enlarge US Military presence on that continent, with the promise of humanitarian improvement, is really a checkmate to other countries seeking to exploit Africa’s natural resources.  Africans can see through this tactic, they have been there and experienced that for hundreds of years.  Being exploited victims is ingrained in their blood.  Dictators are all over this continent, because foreign money has bought them, set them up and used them since the 1600s. Thanks to modern communications, the population of Africa has another idea.  They refuse to willingly repeat the past.  Granted, there are compelling examples that Africa can still be bought and coerced.  Media has exposed Africa’s tragedies over and over.  As these tragedies continue to unfold, AFRICOM does not appear to be the solution by offering clean up work for the victims.  Short of imposing “Martial Law” onto the continent, AFRICOM is there to protect American interests and agenda.  As always, its NOT about Africa at all …

She ignored the fifth Maghreb nation of Mauritania, amid US refusal to recognise the legitimacy of its leaders after a military coup there in August.

Rice Threatened:

Rice’s route within Algeria was the subject of heightened security precautions, after the website of one armed Islamic group urged the north African branch of al-Qaeda to assassinate her during her tour.

Rice’s visit is her first to the Maghreb region as secretary of state. The region has become of increasing strategic importance in terms of oil resources, illegal-emigration and the so-called “war on terror”.

This assasination threat is probably genuine.  It does, however, play into the North African terrorist mark”

Rice was pressed on a history of north African detainees at Guantanamo Bay seeking asylum in the US or elsewhere based on fears over their safety upon repatriation, with court judgments invariably required.

Her reaction to reports by rights organizations who say terror suspects at the US naval base in Cuba have been known to disappear upon their return, was also a theme in earlier visits to Libya and Tunisia, and was due to be reprised in Morocco.

“We believe this is okay,” Rice stated. “You know that our goal is to work with the right security provisions and the right human rights protection for the people. Our goal is to return as many people to their country of origin as possible.”

Rice did not indicate if the pair discussed the disputed Western Sahara territory.

When the United States is confronted with it’s own Human Rights abuses, Condi says “Its Okay”.  What does THAT mean?  What kind of Foreign Policy is THAT?  America has been called on the carpet for so many hypocritical actions by other nations, that the past eight years have sealed world opinion that we are just bullies, to be humored.  The world is VERY tired of humoring the American “forked tongue” behavior. As much as I like McCain, he is a lost soul.  The devil in the Bush has devoured McCain’s last vestige of humanity.  He will now say anything to prove he is not another sock puppet on the hand of the PNC vision of world domination.

Condi is paving the way for THIS!

<————– WHAT?

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