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Mother Nature Sends US Weather Back to Back to Back

August 31, 2008
One Two Three Four

One Two Three Four

We are watching the revenge of MOTHER NATURE!  Of course, this is not the effects of “GLOBAL WARMING”.  This is just nature’s way of trying to give HUMANS something to think about.

Mother Naturen. The personification of nature as a powerful and nurturing woman.

Politics is dillusional if it thinks it can control NATURE.

1/09/2008 4:00:00 AM

ABOUT three years ago a massive hurricane slammed into New Orleans, killing more than 1500 people and causing billions of dollars of damage to infrastructure and business in the region.

Now another killer storm, Hurricane Gustav, is bearing down on the Big Easy and this time it seems the people of New Orleans are heeding the lessons of the past, with many evacuating to safety ahead of the approaching storm.

In the wake of Hurricane Katrina, many experts predicted the phenomenal weather event was a sign of things to come, a symptom of global warming and climate change that would only become more common.

That damning prophecy may be about to be fulfilled.

Mother Nature, it seems, cannot wait for mankind to act and so this latest giant super storm has its sights set on the American mainland, just like Katrina three years ago.

It isn’t much different to what is happening much closer to home; it’s just a lot more dramatic.

Climate change is also causing massive damage to our infrastructure and economy through the strangle-like effects of the drought.

Salinity has rendered vast tracts of once productive farmland useless, and as a consequence, many rural communities are struggling like never before.

Australians have stated their willingness to pay up so as to be part of a climate change movement that introduces local solutions to a well known and largely accepted global problem.

They just want their government to lead them through the quagmire and towards these sustainable solutions, whatever they may be.

Retailers gear up as Gustav eyes Gulf

With hurricane looming, nation’s retailers ready southeastern stores for shopper surge

John McCain heads to Mississippi ahead of Hurricane Gustav

Senator John McCain sought to draw a stark contrast between his readiness to lead in a crisis and President George W Bush’s lacklustre response to Hurricane Katrina three years ago.

With the hope of reinforcing his credentials as a future occupant of the White House on the eve of the Republican convention in Minnesota, Mr McCain, his wife Cindy and running mate Sarah Palin visited Mississippi to express their solidarity with the residents of the Gulf Coast.

Mother Nature will reinforce her lesson as many times as it takes to get the attention of clueless humans who think they are above Nature’s Law. The USA, China and Russia appear to be the slowest learners.  Other nations have gotten the message but have not been taken seriously by arrogant economic powers. …

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