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The Anti-Semitic US Army Must Defend All Americans, Not Just Christians

August 25, 2008

Pentagon Finds Religious Bias In Army Probe

Jewish Scientist Was Suspected of Spying

SOUTHFIELD, Mich. — It was almost an ordinary Sabbath at David Tenenbaum’s home. He had been to synagogue, and he and his wife, Madeline, had invited friends over for lunch.

Then FBI agents showed up, brandishing a search warrant. They spent hours going through the family’s possessions, looking for evidence of spying by Tenenbaum, a mild-mannered, cheerful father and experienced engineer at an Army installation outside Detroit. Some co-workers and superiors had said he had leaked classified information to the Israeli government.

“They took my music books and my daughter’s coloring books,” said Madeline Tenenbaum, who recalled the fear, anger and worry that the agents might plant evidence in their home.

For weeks after the 1997 raid, FBI agents tailed David Tenenbaum. The Detroit area news media soon learned of the raid and ran articles about the Jewish spying suspect, prompting threatening phone calls.

“It was a witch hunt,” said Tenenbaum, 50. “It was a Jew hunt.”

This summer, 11 years after the FBI raid, the Pentagon‘s inspector general exonerated Tenenbaum and endorsed his assertion that the investigation by the leaders of the Army Tank-Automotive and Armaments Command (TACOM) in Warren targeted him because he is a practicing Jew.

Engineer David Tenenbaum: Hired because He Knew Hebrew,

Suspected of Espionage because He Was Jewish, Now Suing for Millions

David Tenenbaum seeks redress for anti-Jewish bias in the Pentagon

The David Tenenbaum Case: A Long and Winding Road

David Tenenbaum: Jewish, Yes. Spy, No.

Group charges religious discrimination case may have cost American lives in Iraq

Jewish dual loyalty and anti-Semitic witch hunts

“… investigation by the leaders of the Army Tank-Automotive and Armaments Command (TACOM) in Warren targeted him because he is a practicing Jew.”  Wow, there are so many targets available for the Army, one of their own employees, that happens to be jewish, is too  convenient.  Last year, the Army and Air Force were busted for prostelysing and acting as Christian Evangelical warriors in a Muslim land.  This is NOT what America is about.  Religious Freedom was what brought Europeans to this continent.  Granted, many of them wanted to tribalize as with the dogma they had chosen, at first.  But clearer heads prevailed, hence, “United We Stand, Divided We Fall”.  A country emerged that offered sanctuary to “All” religions and philosophies under a law that “all men are created equal” and “have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”.  So, what exactly do these revelations about the Christian Evangelical mission of the US Military mean?  That means this country is at risk of becoming the tyrants our Founding Fathers escaped from.  Americans have forgotten too much.  Teaching the principle of America is more important than teaching dates and names.  Twisting history is the first step to loosing America.  American history is good, bad and ugly.  Honesty, is being able to lay it all out before students and learning the lessons history has to tell.  Racism and anti semitism divide this country and allow terrorists to take advantage.  Hating each other for what we are is very sick.  This is VERY Anti-American.  Biden suggested Iraq could be divided into separate religious Muslim states,  perhaps the same thing should be done to America.  Returning to TRIBAL mentality appears to be gaining credibility.  Perhaps we should do the same thing to Multi-National Corporations, too.  The option for everyone to “just get along” seemed like a good idea at the time …

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