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Conyers, Keeps Digging And Finding Gold

August 25, 2008

Conyers Questions Iraq ‘Forgery’ Middle East

Conyers Questions Iraq ‘Forgery’ Iraq Updates 

Conyers Questions Iraq ‘Forgery’ Intelligence Daily

Conyers, who has held periodic hearings on abuses of power by George W. Bush’s administration, sent letters to former CIA Director George Tenet; the CIA’s former executive director A.B. “Buzzy” Krongard; Cheney’s former chief of staff I. Lewis “Scooter” Libby; and John Hannah, another Cheney assistant – as well as to Richer and Maguire.

“I am writing to follow up on recent serious allegations regarding the creation of a false letter from Tahir Jalil Habbush, Saddam Hussein’s former Chief of Intelligence, to Saddam Hussein,” Conyers said.

“The letter, which was allegedly backdated to July 1, 2001, attempted to establish an operational link between al-Qaeda and Saddam Hussein in the period before the 9/11 attacks by specifically stating that 9/11 ringleader Mohammed Atta had received training in Iraq.

“At the time of the alleged decision in 2003 to concoct the false letter, the Vice President’s Office had been reportedly pressuring the CIA to prove this connection as a justification to invade Iraq. The letter also falsely noted that Iraq had received a ‘shipment’ (presumably uranium) from Niger with the assistance of al-Qaeda.

“Upon careful review of the allegations concerning this matter, I have become very concerned with the possibility that this administration may have violated federal law by using the resources of our intelligence agencies to influence domestic policy processes or opinion.

“The law specifically provides that ‘no covert action may be conducted which is intended to influence United States political processes, public opinion, policies, or media.’”

Suskind’s book, A Story of Truth and Hope in an Age of Extremism, has the courage to start the critical questioning that has been attacked, as unpatriotic, for 8 years.  The world is watching America closely.  What they have known for so long about the Bush Administration manufactured evidence, is finally emerging to the American public.

Ron Suskind Drops Bomb on Bushies, Says CIA Forged Iraq Letter

.We don’t need to impeach,  there is enoough legal precident available to indict, after the election.  An indictment would confirm to the American Public that the United States is still a nation of laws.  No one is ABOVE the law, no matter how much power they wield or how much extortion they use to intimidate opponents.  The way of fascism is not the way of American leaders … that’s the MESSAGE the world needs to see.  Corporations running countries is NOT in the interest of humanity.  We are not designed to be ROBOTS … or are we.  We are consumers, tied to the manipulation of corporations.  Corporations tell us how to think, what to buy, what we need … and if that is not enough, they tell us we are sick and must buy thier miracle pharmaceuticals.  What they fail to mention is that they MAKE US SICK so they can sell remedies. We are, after all, their customers.  They have produced the perfect self sustaining money machine. Corporations elect our Presidents who follow their mandates.  Thats why … thats why we are having trouble recovering from the mess we are in.  We allowed it.  We will pay for it forever … unless we wake up.  Hold your politicians accountable from your dog catcher to your president.  If they commit a crime INDICT and PROSECUTE and fill the jails they built.  It is YOUR money they used!

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