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The Media – Nasty Controversy Improves Ratings

August 24, 2008

Brash, rude and plain insulting; New Yorkers know nasty sells

Nasty, brutish and short

Clear Your System of Nasty Media Toxins (No Colonics Required!)

Comment all you like, but not if you’re an abusive jerk

Jerome Corsi: How a Racist, Conspiratorial Crank Became a Top GOP Anti-Obama Point Man

The Klan-ternet: Right wing hatemongers exposed

Exactly How Biased is the American Media? The Sad Hard Facts

The American News Media has it’s hands full trying to compete for ratings during a serious election year.  With scores of critical issues at stake, ratings are the number one mission.  America needs to see the issues and proposed solutions.  Extreme Right Wing and Extreme Left Wing Media want to focus on the quick and nasty, after all thats where the ratings are.  Negative coverage gets more play than actual issues.  Personal attacks, snide comments and innuendos are the stuff that money comes from.  Advertisers don’t really care who gets hurt or the truthfullness of reporting, they just want the most eyes on their product.  There are two important political conventions about to present America’s solutions for the next four years.  Be sure that the issues will take a back seat to the media stirring the mud about Obama and Clinton.  Where controversy goes, money comes back.  The McCain-Bush hug will get as much play as the likely McCain Swiftboating.  Who cares anymore.  American voters will tune in to the conventions to see the great advertisements, anyway.  Most everyone had their minds made up long ago.  The only other thing that could draw the viewing public’s attention, is the sensational interruption of maybe Paris Hilton or a streaker …  PUMAs will vote for Hillery, write in if they have to, or vote for McCain, out of protest.  The Liberals will vote for Obama-Biden.  The Right Wing will vote McCain-Romney.  The disgusted will vote for Ron Paul, Bob Barr or Ralph Nader.

Personally, I don’t buy any of it anymore, I really can’t afford it.  They will do their thing, make a lot of noise, entertain each other and spout what we already know.  Democrats, Republicans and “Others” will speak to their lowest common denominator and applaud at their success at “getting the message out”.

I will watch the Discovery Channel, watch the Astros loose or read a good book until its time to vote early.  The waste of money and truth it takes to make the advertisers happy disgusts me too much to pay it any mind.  This part of human nature is no longer entertaining to me.  There are people starving, living under bridges, loosing their jobs and homes.  There are children that cannot spell, comprehend a sentence or recite their multiplication tables.  But, Paris Hilton has a great ad.

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