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Dubai – Campaign Against “Transvestites”

July 19, 2008

17 ‘cross-dressing tourists’ held in Dubai

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) — Police in the Gulf tourist hub of Dubai say they’ve detained 17 foreigners for allegedly displaying homosexual behavior in the city’s shopping malls and other public places.  Police spokesman Zuhair Horoun says all the suspects are men who were either visiting or working in Dubai. He says they were detained Wednesday but did not elaborate or give details about their behavior.  But the Dubai-based Gulf News reported Thursday that police detained “40 cross-dressing tourists.”

The paper quotes Dubai’s police chief as saying the arrests are part of a campaign against “transvestites.”

Outward homosexual behavior is banned in the United Arab Emirates. Despite its Western outlook, Dubai is a conservative Muslim city-state and, like much of the Arab world, remains largely hostile to homosexuality.

40 transvestites face deportation

Dubai Transvestite City

Respect our rules


A police campaign targeting transvestites has led to 40 arrests since the initiative was launched at the end of May in Dubai.   The cross-dressers, mostly men found wearing women’s clothes, were all charged with public indecency and immediately deported, according to police officials.   The Deputy Director of CID at Dubai Police, Colonel Khaleel Ibraheem, said that the majority of the transvestites were visitors to the country.   “We caught about 40 transvestites and most of them are tourists and visitors and they were referred to the Public Prosecution who charged them with indecency and immediately deported them,” he said.   Lieutenant Colonel Jasim Mirza, head of the Safety Awareness Department at Dubai Police, told 7DAYS that some of those arrested were women. “This is a strange thing for the UAE’s society. We are not against personal freedom but it shouldn’t interfere with our traditions and beliefs,” he said.  “It is starting to spread in the country because of globalisation and as we have become a very open country to other cultures.”

This response from Islamic Fundamentalists is the most blatant example of ‘Mind Control’.  If you are different, you will die. Conforming to a set of rules, set down by the ancients who took a dim view of things they did not understand, has no place in today’s world. There is no excuse for ancient ritual that kills according to mythical interpretation.  Islam has so much to offer, but, is boxed in by a narrow interpretation of religious words, just like barbaric Fundamental Christian extremism. The sons and daughters of Judaism have gone too far.  This dysfunctional family of religions needs to be called upon to make peace among themselves and the world.  Hatred and envy are not virtues. Freedom of expression is freedom, though it appears to threaten and draw deadly vengence from mind controlled fundamentalists.  Iran even publicises hangings of suspected homosexuals.

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