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No End To Cheney Mischief – Blocks Environment Repair

July 11, 2008

Cheney’s Office Said to Edit Draft Testimony

Vice President Dick Cheney’s office was involved in removing statements on health risks posed by global warming from a draft of a health official’s Senate testimony last year, a former senior government environmental official said on Tuesday.

“History will judge this Bush administration harshly for recklessly covering up a real threat to the people they are supposed to protect,” Senator Barbara Boxer said.

Mrs. Boxer insisted that the efforts last year by the White House constituted a “cover-up” and “censorship,” and she announced plans for more hearings.

Dick Cheney’s Continuing Environmental Influence

Cheney’s staff altered the politically damaging testimony of an EPA colleague is only the latest evidence of Cheney’s influence and power in shaping the nation’s environmental policy.

A former adviser says the Vice President ignored important testimony

Good luck to Barbara Boxer. Why should her efforts, to reveal more Bush Administration mischief, be any more successful than previous attempts. After all, Bush’s victims are too busy trying to survive to pay a lot of attention to new revelations. Bush and Cheney have demonstrated that any criticism, questioning or accountability have no effect on how they operate. The term “piss in the wind” applies to the Bush era. They are not “teflon” coated, they carry full “armor” against accountability. I could only hope their armor will rust in time to recover lost honor …

Confucius: It is impossible to have a situation wherein the essentials are in disorder, and the externals are well-managed. You simply cannot take the essential things as superficial, and the superficial things as essential.

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