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Will Americans Come Home?

June 28, 2008

What will happen when dissatisfaction reaches the top?  This country was born from dissatisfaction.  Some people were exiled and others fled to this continent.  Entrepeneurs flocked to make their fortunes.  The only difference now is that there is no place to go.  Where will an American go to flee the discomfort? offers news and features, an expat community, and essential resources to help you live successfully abroad.  Please select the country of your interest below.

A very revealing article from Harpers in 2004 [Here]

Americans are going home just as the British are beginning to like them again

Shift In Salary Packages Entices Expatriates To Stay Longer In The UAE

Expatriates are choosing to call the UAE ‘home’ for increasingly longer periods of time and investing more in their homes than they have in the past, due to a shift in salary packages on offer from employers.

A recent survey on the salary packages of multinational companies in the Middle East has revealed the traditional focus of high basic salaries and cash allowances is shifting towards long-term incentives and ‘protection’ benefits which are enticing expats to stay longer.

Many employers are motivated to focus on benefit provision, not only to respond to competitive pressures but also erosion in value of cash-based remuneration paid in local currencies which are pegged to the weakening American dollar.

Almost all companies in the Middle East provide additional perks and allowances to their expatriates. These vary between countries and employers, but the majority provide allowances for housing, schooling and flights home. In the UAE specifically, 86 percent of multinationals in the survey provide housing allowances, while 90 percent provide support with schooling. All participants, without exception, provide allowances for return flights to expatriates’ home country.

Will a new administration bring some expats home?  Not all expats are in good shape out there.  It depends on where you are.

If you are an expat, please share your experience.  Are you better off?

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