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Global Food Crisis Includes America – The Planet Speaks, Op Ed

June 14, 2008

“What’s important is that the action took place, when everybody believed it to be unthinkable. If it took place this time, it can happen again…”

Jean-Paul Sartre, 1968

Soaring gas prices, food shortages, earth quakes, cyclones, floods, fires, war on terror, global warming…. human toll mounting

Food riot, 1917

During World War I, wartime inflation severely taxed the limited budgets of working-class families. Although wages also rose during the war, they could not keep up with prices. On February 20, 1917, after confronting pushcart peddlers who were charging exorbitant rates for necessities, thousands of women marched to New York’s City Hall to demand relief. The “food riot” precipitated a boycott campaign that eventually forced pushcart prices down. Women in Boston and Philadelphia took similar action.

Food riots of the 21st century

US Food Prices Spike Upward

Sticker shock at the supermarket

Families struggling as bills begin to bite

Preparing for the end of food?

Food riots will spread – USA & the World will suffer similar pain. More families cannot afford the gas to drive to a store to buy inflated groceries. Although many will become creative to provide food and hygiene for their families, many more don’t have the resources to get by. In America, the nature of infrastructure, places families in the suburbs and several gallons of fuel away from safety. Urban populations can walk or bike to food, but that food will be expensive because transportation costs are over the top. Wages cannot keep up because the cost of doing business is also over the top. People may be forced to steal food … people may be forced to do unthinkable things just to survive.

Frustration and desperation does that to people. This places disconnected leaders at risk. No government can survive the desperation of its people without becoming totalitarian and deadly. Look at Myanmar, Darfur and Zimbabwe. These governments elect to suppress and disenfranchise rather than address the suffering of their populations. The Bush administration has prepared this country for a similar treatment … the constitution and people’s rights have been breached for fictitious justifications.

This is a spiral. The hot air filling the inflated human ego is leaking out, and the victims will fall back to earth, some may survive. Those survivors, not caught up in the blame game, will adapt and prolong their survival.

This is the human reality check! Modern humans have departed from the respect for nature that our ancestors held. Mother Earth has no regard for human politics, human dogma, or personal egos. Religion and politics have distracted the human race from the reality that we occupy a planet. This planet does what planets do, it changes and evolves. It does not care what religion you adhere to or what explanations you have accepted. Truth is what the natural progression of planets follow, putting the mask of religion on earthly events acts as a blindfold. The only truth remaining is that this planet is going through another cycle and humans are as clueless as the dinosaurs. You would think that human intellect would anticipate these events and prepare for survival … but NO! Humans are so self absorbed that their potential for planning is retarded by ego and selfishness. Learning to live with the earth’s natural processes appears to be beyond the human ego.

Nearsightedness has guaranteed the infamous Armageddon that too many religious zealots are anticipating.

Those seeking the Rapture have condemned the rest of humanity.

 They trash the planet and wait for GOD to reward them by relocating them into a heaven, fresh and clean, for them to trash all over again.

This planet, EARTH, will follow the evolution of planets and solar systems. Issac Assimov once described ENTROPY, in The Last Question by Isaac Asimov © 1956

“Will mankind one day without the net expenditure of energy be able to restore the sun to its full youthfulness even after it had died of old age?”

“Can entropy ever be reversed?”

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