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Too Many Refugees – The New Diaspora

April 19, 2008

Once hospitable Sweden shutting door on refugees

Sweden is widely renowned as one of the world’s most humane societies. Over the past year however, Swedish rule that the country can legally send rejected asylum seekers back to Iraq, Somalia and parts of Afghanistan. The ruling is based on the argument that there were no internal armed conflicts there

Recent decisions by Sweden to send refugees back to Baghdad and other war-ravaged areas have tarnished its reputation for welcoming victims of conflict, critics say.

The Scandinavian country may have taken in more Iraqi refugees than any other western country, but some specialists are worried that the country has begun to harden its line.

“There have been a number of decisions on the right to asylum that we believe really go against Sweden’s international obligations,” Madeleine Seidlitz, refugee coordinator for Amnesty International Sweden, told AFP.

Sweden is widely renowned as one of the world’s most humane societies.

Over the past year however, Swedish immigration offi …
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Geneva, Switzerland Refugees International welcomed this week’s international conference on the humanitarian crisis facing millions of Iraqis uprooted by the conflict in their country and urged all participating governments and agencies to follow through with their commitments. The organization urged the governments of western nations, Iraq and its neighbors to do more to share the burden of responding to the needs of nearly 4 million displaced Iraqis.

The Mission of U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants

World War II was the last historic shift of global populations.

The world population shift will make it very necessary to become more accepting of each other. It will become more difficult to compartmentalize fellow travelers by race, religion, culture, or point of origin. The human race is a conglomerate of DNA that is influenced by the culture we start in. The culture we end up in is serendipity. Political and economic events surrounding available resources determine how far from our birth place we die. The American culture has been relatively insulated from major displacement. There have been plenty of internal population shifts within American history; East to West, South to North. These shifts followed the economy and most recently, the weather. Disasters like the Dust Bowl and Katrina contain were economic, caused by weather. Follow the food and dodge persecution are prime movers today. Predictions aside, the world today is unstable. Global population shifts will test every one of us. The bottom line, world leaders must account for the consequences of their actions. Causing disasters like war, religious conflict and exploitation will displace more and more people. They are people! They will not disappear conveniently just because they impair your agenda. Genocide is an unacceptable short cut. World leaders must start thinking globally, the planet is shrinking for humans. Positioning for advantage is what world leaders are doing right now.  They must be held to a moral standard that allows for survival of our species.

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