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Fallen Angels Or Risen Apes

April 17, 2008

The Importance of Natural Selection

Zarrar Said

Why our future depends upon it

The primeval soup of multifaceted compounds and elements spawned molecular dependencies which we refer to as life. The key for survival was replication or procreation, initially in the form of mitosis and then through reproduction. It is this combination irregular trial and error that created single-celled species which progressed to multi-cell species. Nature judged and approved each organism’s ability to sustain life in its environment. Genes are ever perpetuating and the examples are what we see around us. We are machines carrying these primeval genes since the beginning of time; when life originated in the primeval soup. Organisms’ sole purpose would be to procreate and pass on as many of its genes into nature as possible. Throughout time we have asked ourselves whether we are fallen angels or risen apes. The answer lies in a simple yet tabooed subject.

Charles Darwin would go down in history as probably the most misunderstood person ever. The Origin of Species commanded the awakening of human contemplation and laid the foundations for the answer to our very existence. The progression of our species’ intellect has always been hindered by convictions of the blind; more commonly known as “blind faith”. More than a century later, we as a species have still to grasp in totality the importance of comprehending natural selection. Classrooms across the world shy away from the subject. Ignorance leads many to whole heartedly accept that it is nothing but theory. While we progress to ascertain complex mathematic equations, quantum mechanics, and new and improved economic strategies, we fail to realize the most important of all subjects. The subject which would make us understand equality in the human race, altruistic human compassion as a means of survival, social, economic, and political Darwinism. Most of all, we would understand how we got here and what our purpose of existence entails. And yet, there are only a handful of people who are privileged to be exposed to it in their educational life.

Surprisingly, many would rather believe a preconceived notion of angels, demons, and heavenly prehistoric beginnings rather than fact based actualities of Homosapien evolution. Understanding natural selection would require time and debugging of preconceived religious decrees. But eventually, one can conceive that in every strata of life, the stronger (whatever strength may equate to in the respective situation) individual would survive and is more likely to spread offspring into the environment. Almost every question could be resolved through Darwinistic measures. In an office environment, the most hardworking and productive worker will be promoted. In the political scenario, whether by physical power or compassion, the strongest candidate would succeed, etc.

Overall, it is essential that we learn and teach our children the importance of natural selection and the importance of the Scientific Method to judge accuracy. The beauty of science is that it is accumulative and perpetual. It will continue to grow and compound previous knowledge. Nothing is certain or set in stone. This does not mean that what science promotes has the potential to be wrong but instead the potential to become much more right. Newtonian physics is many years old but is still applicable to a projectile throw of a stone. However, to launch a satellite Newtonian physics would have to be coupled with modern physics for strategic accuracy. Charles Darwin wrote a theory backed by had hitting evidence. Over time, his “theory” has become a fact as solidified as the existence of gravity itself. It has been advanced and improved upon rather than debunked. Yet in this day and age most people are ignorant of this fact.

Neither are we fallen angels, nor are we risen apes. Instead we are a complexity and permutation of millions of years of natural selection without a predestined or strategic plan. The sooner we realize the actuality of this very fact, the easier it would be to excel in any arena in life whether it is work, health, love, or politics. The advancement of human intellectuality will correspond directly with the advancement of humans themselves.

I found truth in this author’s words. Humans have tried to balance Dogma with Science for thousands of years. Humans have attributed nature’s mysteries to supernatural personalities from day one. Human intellectual capacity has evolved and opened doors of understanding. The sad fact that corporate religions feel threatened by scientific discoveries and have put ‘survival of the species’ at risk. By forcing people to choose, religion seeks to replace common sense. Watching religion resort to violence to keep followers cowed and compliant has no place in this century. Religion, indeed, is threatened by expanding human consciousness. Major religions worldwide have participated in ‘religicide’. There is a place for spirituality. There is a place for science. The two must not try to destroy each other. There are still mysteries to solve, mutual exclusivity equals doom for humanity. Spirituality belongs in one’s heart, it is the highest moral ethic. Science must not try to replace ethics, neither should religion try to replace science. This great schism is the root of self destruction. Children are indoctrinated through fear and many carry that fear in their subconscious throughout adulthood. This leads to confusion and political religious leaders use intimidation to maintain their power. ‘Thou shalt not pound your religion into your neighbor’s head”!

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