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‘How To’ Web Offers Ways To Kill Yourself and Others – Updated

April 12, 2008

Suicide method websites outnumber counselling sites

Washington: A first-of-its kind study on Internet and suicides has found that a net search throws up more sites that detail methods of self-annihilation than those offering help and support.

The study also concludes that people bent on taking their lives are most likely to find sites that offer detailed and factual methods of killing themselves rather than sites that discourage them.

Researchers from the universities of Bristol, Oxford and Manchester replicated a typical search, visiting popular websites like Google, Yahoo, MSN and Ask.

They analysed the first 10 sites from each search, giving a total of 480 hits. Altogether 240 different sites were found of which nearly half provided some information about methods of suicide.

Nearly a fifth of hits – about 90 – were for dedicated suicide sites, of which half were judged to be encouraging, promoting or facilitating suicide.

Overall, Google and Yahoo retrieved the highest number of dedicated suicide sites, while MSN had the highest number of prevention or support sites and academic or policy sites.

In addition, the three most frequently occurring sites were all pro-suicide, whereas the information site Wikipedia was fourth. All top four sites evaluated methods of suicide including detailed information about speed, certainty, and the likely amount of pain associated with each method.

How to get away with murder

So, you fancy breaking the sixth commandment, eh? You do of course know that this is wrong beyond all the fundamentals of wrongness, and you’re going to burn in Hell for all eternity for it, right?

1) If you can’t lie, this course of action is not for you.

2) A clear motive does not make it easy to cover your tracks.

3) Plan, research, plan, refine, plan, re-assess and plan. And then double-check all the plans. And then do a little more planning.

4) Don’t give yourself away.

5) Brush up on your forensics knowledge.

How to Get Away With Murder

There is very little that is new in crime. Similar patterns of behaviour will emerge time and time again. People commit the same crimes for the same motives. They get caught because they make the same mistakes, and when arrested they trot out the same excuses. If they get away with it, it is often a matter of luck. I have been able to come up with a few simple rules which should always be observed when one is contemplating murder, and I shall illustrate those rules with examples of people who have been caught because they failed to observe them.

AOL Search Data Shows Users Planning to commit Murder. released a list of 20 million + searches by 500,000 AOL users. Contained in this list are social security numbers, credit cards and other personal information. There are some truly scary things in this database.

There are hundreds of searches from people looking to kill themselves and even more scary are searches from users that seem to be looking to commit murder.

Increasing numbers attracted to suicide sites and murder sites are a measure of declining mental health. The ability to cope in today’s world is broken. Coping with personal emotional issues is not addressed adequately because there is stigma attached by a shallow society. Appearances count more than substance. Education systems do not address emotional management. Anger management is too often applied after an obvious outburst. Frustration today is at an all time high. Whether it involves finances, work or lack of, or unsatisfactory relationships, the general global population, including America, is loosing its ability to cope. The result is violence. Giving up on one’s personal options results in suicide. Striking out against others demonstrates personal frustrations or failures as someones else’s fault. Its all about control. When control is lost, desperation replaces it. Most of us do not recognize when our own behavior relinquishes control of our lives, resulting in frustration. Naturally, government, society and culture impose controls onto each of us. What we should have left is control over our personal lives. Dysfunction prevents us from accepting responsibility. Dysfunction clouds perspective. Daily news headlines, describing violence, reinforces the fact that a toxic society has conditioned people to measure their lives through material display. How we are raised and how we are educated reflects our ability to respond to the world around us. There is a serious breakdown when people resort to self destruction and reactionary violence. Dependence on mood altering drugs prevents us from strengthening our own abilities to cope with our world. The survival of humanity depends on each of us accepting responsibility for our own behavior. Knowing when to seek counsel should be applauded.

UPDATE:        Manual: ‘Exit guides’ in suicide group ‘special’

The lengthy document, referred to by Phoenix police as a training manual for the Final Exit Network, offers exit guides step-by-step instructions on how to show others how to kill themselves by breathing in helium. Guides also are told how to dispose of the equipment used in the death and position the bodies so they look like they died of natural causes.


Until laws protect the right of every adult to a peaceful, dignified death,
Final Exit Network will be there to support those who need relief from their suffering today!

Our Goals:

  • To serve people who are suffering intolerably from an irreversible condition which has become more than they can bear.
  • To foster research to find new peaceful and reliable ways to self-deliver.
  • To promote the use of advance directives.
  • To advocate for individuals when their advance directives are not being honored.

We believe the needs of those who are suffering are paramount.
We applaud the work of organizations that seek legislative action to strengthen our right to die a peaceful and painless death at the time and place of our choosing. However, we feel that legislative change will not come soon enough for the many people who need help NOW and in the interim!

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