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A Report That Speaks For Itself – Stoning Adulterers

April 3, 2008

Stoned to death for adultery (Dylan Welch) Thursday 03 April 2008

A man and a woman have reportedly been stoned to death by the Taliban after being found guilty of adultery by a tribal court in Pakistan’s border region.

The stoning was carried out in a tribal area on the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan where the Taliban has a strong presence, Pakistani newspaper Dawn reported.

The killings are the first recorded incident of death by stoning by the militants, who usually put accused before firing squads, the newspaper stated.

The pair had been captured by the Taliban after eloping about two weeks ago from a border area known as the Mohmand Agency.

A complaint was made that the woman, married to another man, had been kidnapped but it was later reported that she had actually eloped.

A spokesman for the local Taliban told the newspaper the militants had captured them as they returned from Karachi.

They tried the couple, found them guilty and sentenced them to death by stoning.

After the executions were carried out the man’s body was handed over to his relatives. The body of the woman was buried in the area by local people, the newspaper stated.
Sydney Morning Herald


This is too extreme. Religion through fear is not religion. Rename this kind of behavior, but it is not religion. Fear of punishment by a god is one thing, but no human is justified to interpret god’s punishment in the name of religion. This is sanctioned sadism. Was Mohammad a sadist? Was Jesus a sadist? Well, it seems some of their followers are.

  1. April 5, 2008 5:15 pm

    Thanks Proud, all this is in the name of ‘fundamentalism’. Regardless of the religion, their fundamentalist sect seems to justify the horrors they do, in the name of their ‘god’ or ‘messiah’ or their ‘prophet’. This behavior appears to be more tolerated among ‘mainstream’ religions. If the planet does not change the way it enforces the laws of their ‘god’, the planet will rid itself of humans and become populated by bio-robots. The gall of ANY modern society that allows this primitive behavior, deserves to return to their caves and start making spears. What the Taliban did was nothing more than human sacrifice for the purpose of intimidation. Islam is not that primitive.

  2. proudprogressive permalink
    April 5, 2008 5:02 pm

    We as a species are de volving. The primitive impulses of the dark ages are still afoot with no amelioration. The Human Rights thrust seems to be stalled. What an horrific thing to do to anyone for any reason.

    How is in 2008 – people still do not try harder to stifle their own violence..rhetorical question but this is heartbreaking and sickening.

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