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if the geriatric dictator rigs this election, we riot – Updated

March 30, 2008

His Excellency Mr. Robert Gabriel MUGABE remains in Southern Africa’s Whose Who – but, years have changed the man. From Hero to Tyrant, Mugabe failed his country and should step down peacefully.

Mugabe Resignation Reports Swirl After Zimbabwe Vote (Update1) 

President Robert Mugabe: “We will succeed. We will conquer. We don’t rig elections, you see; we have that sense of honesty. And I cannot sleep with my conscience if I have cheated on elections. Why should I cheat? The people are there supporting us, day in, day out.”

“We are hopeful, we are hungry and nothing but change can help us,” Jonas Mashakada, an office worker, said in interview from Helensvale in northern Harare. “Things are terrible and only change will stop people dying or running to other countries.”

Yesterday’s election was held amid accusations by human rights groups including Amnesty International that the government harassed the opposition and vowed to cut off food supplies to voters who didn’t back the ruling party. Zimbabwe Lawyers said many people were prevented from voting because poll officials said they had the wrong identification documents or were trying to vote in the wrong area.

“Victory is assured in spite of the Mugabe regime’s attempt to subvert the election and the will of the people,” Tsvangirai said in a telephone interview from Harare today.

Zimbabwe’s export-based economy, once southern Africa’s second-biggest, started to collapse after Mugabe seized white- owned commercial farms in 2000 to give to blacks deprived of land during colonial rule. That’s caused shortages of food and fuel and pushed the inflation rate to 100,580 percent.

MDC Defies Service Chiefs’ Warning THE opposition Movement for Democratic Change faction led by Morgan Tsvangirai has defied a warning issued by Zimbabwe’s service chiefs and claimed victory in yesterday’s harmonised elections.

Zimbabwe: You Rig, We Riot! – Zinasu The Zimbabwe National Students Union (Zinasu) has warned President Robert Mugabe not to temper with ballots cast Saturday in synchronized presidential and legislative saying doing such would invite massive nationwide protests.

“Zinasu makes it unequivocally clear and categorically clear that we will not accept or allow Mugabe to steal the election,” said Zinasu president Clever Bere at a news conference Saturday. “We therefore warn him not to temper with the people’s vote”.

“We urge Zimbabweans in their millions to flood the streets if the geriatric dictator rigs this election. You rig, we riot!” warned Zinasu.

Handover the button Mr. Mugabe

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice on Sunday branded Zimbabwe’s president a “disgrace” to his people and to Africa, and expressed concerns about verifying whether the country held free and fair elections.

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Ahead of Saturday’s presidential election in Zimbabwe, Heidi Holland, author of Dinner with Mugabe, explains her theory of how Zimbabwe’s leader of 28 years went from hero to deluded dictator

This once shining example of a country devolved from success into catastrophe is a lesson to the world. America can see consequences of a failed Democracy. Democratic processes are not a guarantee future success. Leaders can derail progress in a few years when their own mental health fails. America should demand psychological profiles of its leaders. Mental health must become a priority for world leaders … how do we do that, when the world cannot keep up with its own mental health?????

  1. April 1, 2008 8:23 pm

    Thanks Proud, Mugabe himself is convinced that “Countries such as the U.S. and Britain have taken it upon themselves to decide for us in the developing world, even to interfere in our domestic affairs and to bring about what they call regime change.” He is convinced, in his altered state of paranoia, that the election is a grand western conspiracy.
    History laughs at today’s ignorance about the past. History has shown, over and over, the consequences of deluded leaders. The world permits the mentally ill to drive their countries over a cliff, all the while making it stigmatic to seek mental health support. Go figure.

  2. proudprogressive permalink
    April 1, 2008 1:52 pm

    Its something one would expect of world leaders half way decent mental health. Or at the minimum , surround themselves with true varied public policy experts – who would remain committed to the principles of democracy and humanitarism , human health and welfare a sharing and decent management of the limited resources of this earth. Stewardship. Leadership. Human Rights.

    Seems through human history – the Will to Power as a mental illness has gone often untreated or intervened upon in many many horrific examples through out time. Elections, the will of people , the consensus checks and balances

    – the only ameliorating factor for those who would political maniacs. Our founders knew there was a tendency in humankind , at that time specifically white men to be King.

    The usa no doubt was pissed at the seizing of the resources – socialism they cried and left Zambawe to flounder. No peace corp – no help – or perhaps undermining YES, end all the trade agreements…..nice. (not) and likely switched to dealing more weapons.

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