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30 Years Of Pride Down Under

March 1, 2008

    Crowds of up to 300,000 people are expected to line the central city route to watch the procession of themed floats, drag queens and many more costumed and flesh-revealing revellers.

    • The determination to stamp out homophobic hate crimes was led by Sydney couple Craig Gee and Shane Brennen, who were bashed while walking hand-in-hand in Darlinghurst three months ago.
    • The “78ers”, the original marchers who staged Sydney’s inaugural Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras 30 years ago, drew a rapturous cheer as they paused in central Oxford Street this evening.

    If you can be what you feel, you are truly free.

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    1. proudprogressive permalink
      March 1, 2008 11:36 pm

      100,000 strong and thats only the folks marching. These global demonstrations show the variety,the beauty, the diversity of the entire LGBT culture. And it so diverse..and it soo global. And for every person NOT marching there are 100 more for each one. Why does this world of ours KEEP insisting WE are “other” or somehow exotic or unhuman or worse not of “god’s” making. How many decades of educating and coming out in all of our diverse socio – economic places in this world. In all our professions, our families..Why do societies have to have scapegoats..I know rhetorical question..BUT we LGBTs are SOCIETY we are everywhere..There is not a person on this planet that does not know somebody who is LGB or Transexual We occur naturally in nature..they just may not know they know someone.

      The sad thing is this hatred, prejudice, keeps so much beauty from the college of human existence and worse still it kills people – people who were born with inate traits. It stymies access to partaking of all things human beings NEED. Like Ann Landers once said – to someone writing in about anti semitism..she listed all the people and contributions of people of jewish origin…and it was astounding..Well its similiar for the LGBT Tribe – the contributions are VAST and add so much to our global culture…

      WE really NEED to STOP the HATE and give LGBT people their full civil rights and protections..The conservative rhetoric is getting MORE PEOPLE KILLED..TWO TEENAGERS JUST LAST MONTH and why ??? They did not conform to a rigid GENDER BINARY !!! its so sad and stupid and unnecessary. Two weeks of health/sex ed – would work to cure this problem..Because children learn to HATE..and they need to know that people have a broad range of sexual and gender expression – THAT IS JUST SCIENCE AND FACT.

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