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Poor Education Produces Consumer Robots Who Vote

February 3, 2008

Is this how to recruit competent teachers?

Teach in the UK TAX FREE for up to 2 years Endless travel opportunities

17,000 incompetent teachers in England

LONDON, Feb. 2 Failing teachers remain in classrooms at state schools because local authorities do not report them, the head of the General Teaching Council for England says.

Keith Bartley estimates that 17,000 teachers are not doing a good job. But he said the council, founded seven years ago, has only removed eight from teaching, The Guardian reports.

children_condom1.jpg The government of Prime Minister Gordon Brown has promised to improve teaching and to draw up procedures to get the incompetents out.

US Education Report Card

Alan Greenspan: “we have developed a shortage of highly skilled workers and a surplus of lesser-skilled workers,”

National Science Board: “the global competition for science and engineering talent is intensifying…the U.S. may not be able to rely on the international market to fill our unmet needs,” warns the NSB. Indeed, as globalization accelerates, bright young Indian or Chinese scientists may well have better opportunities at home than in the U.S.

Heritage Foundation: According to the most recent NAEP assessments, only 31 percent of 4th graders are proficient in reading, while 32 percent are proficient in mathematics, 29 percent in science, and 18 percent in American history. Low-income students did half as well. In fact, over half of poor fourth graders failed to show even a basic level of knowledge in reading, science, or history.[5]

failing-grade.jpg Despite higher than average per-pupil expenditures, American 8th graders ranked 19th out of 38 countries on the most recent international mathematics comparison, the Third International Mathematics and Science Study-Repeat (TIMSS-R) of 1999. American students scored 18th out of 38 countries in science.[23] In combined scores of mathematics and science literacy, 12th-graders in the United States ranked 18th out of 21 countries on the 1995 TIMSS assessment.[24]

dunce-stupid-2.jpg America has compensated for its failure to adequately educate the next generation by importing brainpower. Today’s education infrastructure is so micro managed by political agenda and marketing ploys, that teaching students seems an afterthought. America’s current administration is famous for using big words and painting pretty pictures of what they plan to do for “the next generation”. Meanwhile, the current generation will struggle to locate the capitol of their state or country on a US map. Yes, there are some very bright exceptions to this blanket statement. reportcard.jpg These students are usually highly motivated curious self learners. Too often, they are labeled ‘geeks’.

It is sad to see that Britain is in a similar boat. Historically, the decline of empires begins with self consuming assumptions of entitlement and invincibility. Empires, with no enlightened point of reference, will loose their place in the world puzzle and are doomed to fail. These students will be running our country in a few years. They will also be the guardians of our own golden years .

boy_on_computer.jpg Marketing has dumbed America, and apparently Britain, too. Our children have become mere consumers of everything marketed to them, except academics. Mesmerized by television, internet and billboards, we Americans are brainwashed. We must eat this food, wear those clothes, see this movie, take these drugs, but not those drugs and use this product to look and feel sexy so you can get your man or woman into the sack. Manipulated into consuming robots, western civilization has infected the world with a fantasy world of comfort and prosperity. As the world joins the consumer robot culture, we discover the earth does not welcome this attitude. earthmelt.jpg Dumb humans will be spanked by the larger reality that we are mere visitors on a planet that educates through demonstration.

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