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Nuclear Future In Pakistan – OpEd

December 14, 2007

BossKitty wonders if any intelligent opinions will ever be associated with this administration. Professor Park is just one of many resources overlooked in favor of a narrow exclusive agenda pursued by the Royal Bush Mafia. There is a serious condition in Pakistan that puts the control of nuclear weapons at risk. The US has placed all it’s money on just one card in an ‘all or nothing’ game. The part of the country that has been westernized is what the Bush Mafia has put at risk.

This administration’s myopic policy has fanned simmering fundamentalism into a fire. This fire threatens to get out of control and consume Pakistan.  So much anger and revenge, among factions, has created a no win situation surrounding Musharraf.  When he ends ‘emergency rule’ the opposition will jump full force into ending the Musharraf dictatorship.  Musharraf will, then, tighten the screws on the judicial system and become even more oppressive. Western interests will have to forfeit all their bribe money, and toys, too.  The angry, self righteous fundamentalists will have their way in the end. Why? Because they multiply every time the ‘west’ tries to stomp them out. The world has witnessed the lesson that muscle alone, without brains to direct its use, only creates destruction. Fundamentalism with muscle becomes a jihad or crusade, featuring exclusive entitlements because they are special.  After all, God, through a spokesman, told them so. Christian Crusaders and Muslim Jihadists are flexing their political muscle at the expense of the rest of the world. Why? Because, these two religions disagree on the spokesman and are willing to kill!

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