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Not So Common Cold Is Nothing To Sneeze At

November 17, 2007

Virulent form of cold virus spreads in U.S.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – A new and virulent strain of adenovirus, which frequently causes the common cold, has spread in parts of the United States, killing 10 people and putting dozens into hospitals, U.S. health officials said on Thursday.

“Whether you’re a healthy young adult, an infant or an elderly person, this virus can cause severe respiratory disease at any age,” said John Su, who investigates infectious diseases for the CDC and contributed to the report.

Two of the 10 people who have died from the new strain were infants, Su said. The CDC report said about 140 people have been sickened by the virus and more than 50 hospitalized, including 24 admitted to intensive care units.

coldvirus.jpgAdenoviruses frequently cause acute upper respiratory tract infections like the common cold, but also can cause other illnesses including inflammation of the stomach and intestines, pink eye, bladder infection and rashes.

“What makes this particular adenovirus a little different is that it has the capability of making healthy young adults severely ill. And that’s unusual for an adenovirus, and that’s why it’s got our attention,” Su added. It is possible people outside these four states have been sickened by the new strain of the virus, Su said.

“The cases described in this report are unusual because they suggest the emergence of a new and virulent Ad14 (adenovirus 14) variant that has spread within the United States,” according to the CDC report.

There are 51 types of adenoviruses, the CDC report said.

Virus hits dozens at Lackland AFB

Nine recruits were hospitalized with pneumonia last month and 150 were ordered to bed as a new wave of “boot camp flu” struck Lackland AFB.

One expert was not surprised to see the new cases of adenovirus type 14, which packs such flu-like symptoms as fever, coughing and a runny nose. Uncommon in the general population but more frequently seen in the close quarters of boot camp, adeno 14 puts victims at higher risk for pneumonia because they’re stressed and worn out.

New virulent adenovirus type emerging in US: CDC

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) – A rare strain of adenovirus (type 14) that can cause severe and sometimes fatal acute respiratory illness in people of all ages — including healthy young adults — is becoming more common in the United States, health officials warn in Thursday’s edition of the Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report published by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

State and local public health officials “should be alert to the possibility of outbreaks caused by Ad14,” the report emphasizes.

There are NO lists for treatment options. Understand that the Common Cold has no reliable cure. This new UnCommon Cold has extra baggage that may be treatable. Warm up that Chicken Soup, pack in the Vitamin C, Kleenex, bottled water, and change your sheets for a lot of bed rest. I will now share my GrandParent’s treatment that helped me through childhood colds, etc.

Squeeze One Half Lemon into a coffee cup; put Two Tablespoons of Honey on top of the lemon juice; ONE jigger of the most awful Kentucky Whiskey or Bourbon you can find; pour One Quarter Cup of boiling water on top of it all … stir a lot … then, CHUGALUG as soon as you can tolerate the heat. Don’t forget to take your aspirin before you fall asleep in that freshly clean bed.

“There’s no specific treatment for any adenovirus infection,” Dr. Ken Steier, director of patient safety at Nassau University Medical Center in East Meadow said. “Usually we recommend aspirin, fluids and bed rest. But it’s also important to cover your cough, wash your hands, and don’t rub your eyes after touching things because that’s how it’s spread.”

Public Health Studies [HERE] , Funny, BossKitty found NO remarks on the  Homeland Security web page regarding this threat to America’s population.  All the taxpayer dollars are being spent elsewhere … NIH & CDC play second fiddle to imaginary terrorists coming from Mexico.

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