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The Climate Is Changing – Who Cares Why

November 12, 2007

_42522957_earth203nasa.jpgUnravelling the sceptics



What do “climate sceptics” believe?


You might think that you know the answer, having heard, seen and read numerous counter-blasts aimed at the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) over the course of this year, as the three components of its landmark climate assessment were published.

The IPCC and many of the world’s climate scientists would, of course, profoundly disagree with the conclusions evidenced by this small group, and I have linked to some articles which detail some of the science behind their disagreement.

I see the results of climate in my 2 acre back yard. This is beyond seasonal flux. History of the climate in my part of the world, TEXAS, has been sliding toward desertification for the past 100 years. I research the impact of changes around the world. The USA is not an island in and of itself, what happens around the world will effect us greatly. We need to pay attention.

Why is the BBC so on top of this whole discussion? The US media has not given this kind of “In Depth” coverage because of commercial and political influence. When serious research is necessary, the US media is the last source to use. The remainder of the world is conscious of the imminent impact on their world. The arrogance of US policy has insulated its population from the attention so badly needed. You and I will be adjusting our lives radically in the next few years, if we plan to survive …

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