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Election Outlook For The Children

November 10, 2007

2007 Presidential Primary Polls


National Survey Findings For Children’s Agenda

  • Voters across the country believe that political leaders are not doing enough to ensure the health, education and well-being of children and that the next President and Congress need to give a higher priority to the country’s children and spend less time on other issues. This concern permeates voters regardless of partisanship or region of the country.
  • Nearly half of voters nationally say that the health, education and well-being of children in America in the last 10 years have gotten worse (45%). Only 44% believe things for children have improved. Looking towards the future, just 44% think the conditions for children will get better while 41% say they will get worse.
  • A significant share (38%) of voters say children’s issues will be more important to them personally in the presidential election than in past elections. Children’s issues will play a greater role with Independents (46%) than either Democrats (35%) or Republicans (33%). Independents also are most pessimistic that when today’s children in the United States grow up, they will not have the same opportunities that the current generations had (59% pessimistic compared to 40% of Democrats and 40% of Republicans).

Four Key Early Primary/Caucus States Survey Findings

  • Voters in the early primary and caucus states of Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, and Nevada want candidates for President to provide a comprehensive agenda of how they would address the needs of children.

Importance of a Comprehensive Children’s Agenda


Very Important

Total Important

Likely Primary/Caucus Voters









New Hampshire



South Carolina



Democratic Men



Democratic Women



Republican Men



Republicans Women




  • Voters in the early primary and caucus states believe the country is heading in the wrong direction and are pessimistic about the future of the nation’s children. 67% of voters say the country is heading in the wrong direction compared to just 19% who believe it is on the right track.
  • Voters believe that Washington DC is failing America’s children and working families. Three-fifths (62%) agree with that statement that “the needs of children are regularly elbowed off the table by stronger special interests. The Congress, the administration, and the federal government need to be doing a lot more on behalf of the nation’s children and working families.” Only 20% think the federal government does a lot to help working families.
  • After the war in Iraq, Democratic primary and caucus voters rank the improvement of the health, education, and safety of children more important an issue for the next president to address than homeland security, immigration, global warming, and the economy.
  • Half of primary and caucus voters don’t know where their preferred candidate for President stands on children’s issues.
  • Children’s issues could play a key role in this election since many voters say they could change their minds and vote for a different candidate if that person presented a specific platform on children’s issues that agrees more with the respondent’s vision.
  • Addressing the issue of child abuse and neglect will pay significant dividends to the candidates who choose to talk about it.

About the Every Child Matters Education Fund
The Every Child Matters Education Fund is a non-partisan Washington, D.C. based 501(c)(3) organization created to raise the visibility of children and family issues in elections.

Children and Environment – we are squandering our future

  • American policies give great lip service to the health, welfare and education for the children in this country – whether they were born here or brought here, children in America are subject to scrutiny for entitlement.
  • American policies hint at responsibility and give token lip service to the environment we hand to the generations that follow ours.
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At Risk: 1,000,000,000 of the World’s Children

One Billion Children are at Risk Today from War, Poverty and Hunger, Failed by the World’s Governments

They are a billion strong. Diseased, malnourished, uneducated, they are a people on the run from wars that take the lives of their brothers and sisters. And they are all children – half the children on earth today.

… the grim reality of daily life for the world’s innocent generation was laid bare. More than one billion children are now being denied the healthy and protected upbringing promised by the 1989 Convention on the Rights of the Child. For them – the forgotten masses – violence, poverty and Aids are all that the year’s end will bring. In Darfur in Sudan, wretched shivering souls wait for their parents in refugee camps. In Haiti, they huddle in shelters, having lost homes and parents to floods. In Iraq, they trample through the rubble of bombed-out homes.

More than one in six children is severely hungry. One in seven has no access to health care.

Despite debt reduction schemes and the vast sums of cash donated by individuals around the world, one factor keeps more than a billion children in a state of poverty. And that factor is war – usually over natural resources such as diamonds, oil and coltan, a mineral used in mobile phones, which are exported to the West.

As two reports showed yesterday, perhaps the most chilling statistic of all is the number of young lives snatched by conflict. Since 1990, 3.6 million people have been killed on the front line in wars around the word – almost half of them were children.

And that is only the global estimate – here in America, land of the ‘free’ …

Children are our ONLY hope for a solution to the future catastrophes we are handing down to them. The legacy of this generation is denial. The legacy of our generation is neglect and selfishness. As long as we are reasonably comfortable in our imaginary cocoons, we are insulated from the storm cloud of realities that are just now beginning to sprinkle upon us. The deluge is awaiting our offspring and their offspring. We do not teach our children the importance of responsibility because we have no concept about the consequences of our own actions. Sure, there are some among us who are quite aware and shout about it. These are the “nut cases” that politicians choose to ignore … they have corporate issues to keep balanced in order to get elected. Not only do we hand down health, education and environmental catastrophes to the next generations, but National Debt to other countries will assure a third place slot for America within world structure. The enemies we have nurtured will target the generations that follow us – they will pay for the arrogant sins of their fathers and mothers.

This generation has sacrificed the next generation. Why should they mourn us … ?

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    This is so bad. The us is major problem relating to food is obesity and these lesser developed countries is a lack of food. It is not even the lack of food in the world, it is the lack of titlement in the lesser developed countries and it is very sad to see.

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