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Democrats Need Fresh Leadership In Travis County

September 9, 2007

Departing head of Travis County Democrats laments perceived divide
Chris Elliott won’t run for party chair in 2008, but two hopefuls have already surfaced

Austin lawyer Chris Elliott, who has presided over the Travis County Democratic Party since 2004, won’t seek a third two-year term as chairman.

Elliott, 45, who alerted officeholders and party leaders to his decision last week, has been county chairman while voters elected Democrats to two local Texas House seats that had been held by Republicans as well as other local offices held by Republicans.



Chris Elliott has led Travis County group since 2004.

Who’s next? Will it be more of the same?

“In Travis County, there’s a sense that the ‘white liberals’ control the party and make all the decisions. While I disagree with that assessment, and I’ve tried to be very inclusive during my term as chair, there is that perception,” Elliott said. “There is still a divide of sorts between the party itself and the African American community and some parts of the Hispanic community.”

Certified public accountant Rosie Mendoza and lawyer Andy Brown have surfaced as aspirants for the unpaid post, to be filled by voters in the March 4 Democratic primary.

Let’s hope there are more than TWO contenders to lead Democrats in Travis County. Texas Democrats need a statewide shot in the arm. Democrats need to be SOMEWHERE on the same page. There is a lot of reparation to be made.

What would Ann Richards do? richards.jpg

What would Barbara Jordan say? jordan50.gif

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