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Politics And Religion…Enough Already!

June 2, 2007

Religion and Politics two topics that always have opinions and cause heated arguments. I have always been of the opinion that religion and the church should never be part of the political argument or process. Before I go any further let me say for the record that I was raised a Roman Catholic and went to parochial school. My belief in separation is very strong, with that said, let us move on.

Currently all of the 2008 Presidential candidates are using their faith to get votes. Do you see a problem with that? I do, “using” their faith to gain votes. Are these candidates publicly showing their beliefs for votes or are the truly faithful. I find this odd; I was taught both at home and at school, that your relationship with God was personal. Your public actions towards society showed your teachings.

Personally, I find this public display of faith to voters as pandering. I am truly not interested in a person’s religion. I don’t find ones religion a valid argument for or against a presidential candidate. Look who the candidates are pandering to Roman Catholics, Protestants and Evangelist. Excuse me for pointing this out but not everyone in America is of these faiths.

So, in their attempt to gain votes, the 2008 candidates have left out Jews, Muslims, Buddhist, Hindus, Agnostics and Atheist. Interesting, do their votes not matter? If a candidate espouses the teachings of Christian religion on the campaign stump then how do they connect with the other groups? I guess theses groups have to actually read about the candidates beyond their religious beliefs to make a decision. What a freaking novel idea, reading and education are.

Hillary and Obama have hired strategists to focus on reaching religious voters. Hire strategist!! Are these voters so far out there that one has to hire a strategist to connect with them. Is there thinking so far out there that translators are needed to get them to understand what the heck is going on in his country. Are these votes that important that all the candidates find it that necessary to put religion on the forefront of our culture?

Look at where we are today because of this bizarre pandering to the Christians in this country. Today, because of the religious influence in government, we have a President who says he is a Christian (I highly doubt this claim) and a religious base that has taken over the country. The result of this dangerous mix is; America is divided on every issue, filled with hate and hostility to anyone who is either an immigrant or a foreigner. How Christian, their God must be so proud of them.

We now have a Supreme Court that is fundamentally of Christian belief. These Justices’ will make decisions based on their belief rather than law or at least their beliefs will influence their opinion. I find that appalling and a slap in the face of our very foundation. Why is that a slap you ask, because these justices are suppose to protect the freedom of all American citizens. If their decisions are influenced or based on Christian religious beliefs then they are only representing some Americans. To the GOP Christian base, I’m sure this is just fine. But to me, a member of the American society it’s repulsive.

Every time I watch the House or the Senate and they open their session with a prayer, I cringe. This irritates me because it condones the notion that religion and government are joined at the hip. Some of my friends think I am a pain about this. However, I really don’t believe that religion has a place in pubic tax payer buildings; just as the government does not believe that ministers should promote the government or candidates from the pulpit.

Some may argue that American politics is based on Christianity. That’s the farthest thing from the truth. Religious persecution was why the Puritans came here. The founding fathers revolted for oppressive economic reasons, religion was not apart of the Revolutionary War.

The founding fathers were not anti religion but they did believe that the government should not be beholden any one religion, nor should the government endorse any one religion. Most of the founding fathers were of Christian backgrounds, but were not practicing Christians. They lived during the age of enlightenment which moved their beliefs in a different direction and were not guided by religion, but by reason and science.

The pandering of candidates to any one religion to me is an insult to other religions as dismissive of those citizens. That type of politician is not for me. If a politician can not win an election on his or her leadership, passion to build a better future and their public commitment to peace and humanity then I believe they should not be in the race for President. I am not looking for an idealist for President, but I’m surely not looking for religion in public office either. Personally I have had enough of everyone’s God.

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