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Watch My Babysteps Along The Path To Truth

May 29, 2007

Where did they hide the truth?  I believe it never was hidden.  I believe each of us can see but a glimpse of the truth, but we don’t have the capacity to comprehend the whole thing.

I see the classic picture of an elephant being described by 5 blind persons.  Each have their hand on a part of the elephant, but none see the whole creature.  Each describes the part of the creature they are touching and declares it the truth.

Who among us can dare to assume they see the WHOLE truth?  Millenia of humans have declared their piece of the truth is the only truth.  Each generation adds to what was originally understood.  Our perception has evolved allowing us to realize that truth is much larger and more complex than we were told as children.

What strikes fear in my heart are those who would stop the growth of understanding.

Therefore, I see the greatest enemy to understanding truth is politics using religion.

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